Where We Are

Community has offices in Milan, Treviso and Rome but also guarantees a widespread presence with both direct access to facilities and a network of relations that extends to all other major cities in Italy. Community is also present in London, Paris, Munich, Den Haag, New York and Washington thanks to several international partnerships that enable Community to directly work on projects in all five continents.


Community Strategic Communication Advisers is present in Milan, Italy, with teams that operate in economic-financial communication and media relations, handling critical situations, litigation PR and the highest level corporate communications in the sector. Community is involved in ordinary and extraordinary finance operations, IPOs and delisting, working side by side with the largest financial groups on both a national and international level.


A reputation management company like no other on a national level, Community Strategic Communication Advisers since the very beginning has decided to establish itself in the North-East with a dedicated team. Community has become a reference point in the communication consultancy field for large firms, small and medium enterprises, institutions and trade associations alike.


Along with Governance Consulting, Community is present in the Italian capital guaranteeing every type of communication support for its clients: companies, institutions and associations.