Community Strategic Communications Advisers

Community came to life more than 15 years ago. We went through a long path and we achieved many goals.  Since 2001 – the year Community was founded – we have expanded remarkably by adding branches in Rome to the already existing ones in Milan and Treviso. Over the years, in addition to consulting and communication, we’ve started providing other services too, including training, media research, public affairs and governance. Right from the beginning, we’ve based our business on competence, fairness and professionalism.

The Code of Ethics gathers all principles and values that lead Community, on which the Group’s success and growth are based.





Community Group supports the Premio Campiello – an Italian contemporary literature competition organised by Fondazione Il Campiello/Confindustria Veneto – by promoting the prestigious literary prize and Italian culture and literature’s diffusion at the same time. The collaboration is based on the full sharing of the fundamental values characterising the Premio Campiello, such as independence, authoritativeness…


Community Group and Reputation Manager Establish Reputation Science

Community Group, the reputation management group founded and led by Auro Palomba, and Reputation Manager, the leading company in the analysis and management of brands and managers’ online reputation, led by Andrea Barchiesi, announce the creation of Reputation Science. This innovative joint venture represents the first Italian company combining traditional and digital communication, providing its…