Our Business

Community serves its clients in a spirit of transparency and cooperation, believing these to be fundamental in meeting objectives, tackling emergency situations and facing up to continual new challenges. We operate in the following areas:

  • Extraordinary financial communications
    • IPO

      Providing communications for an IPO is a craft that brings together legal know-how, financial skills and knowledge of the process in order to maximise the financial and non-financial returns of the operation, while at the same time limiting amounts spent and improving the quality of relationships with the financial community.

      Providing communications for an IPO is a complex craft that only those who habitually engage in dialogue with the relevant companies, institutions and international groups are able to deliver, well versed as they are in handling complex communications situations in compliance with the legislation and that seek to maximise the value of the equity stories involved.

    • Mergers & Acquisitions

      Be it a merger or an acquisition, providing communications to all relevant stakeholders –shareholders, employees, the media– is of paramount importance. Strong competencies are necessary for this to be done effectively, together with the experience of people well used to managing complex corporate and financial communications projects.

    • Delisting

      Delisting operations are never easy to explain to stakeholders; various reasons may lie behind this type of operation, but what is common to all of them are the issues surrounding the valuation of shareholdings. Always. Relying on a professional communicator is therefore necessary. Choosing Community means choosing a communicator with direct experience of handling large transactions.

    • Other extraordinary financial transactions

      All extraordinary financial transaction are characterised by specific procedural, legislative and reputational matters that require careful management. This is Community’s business, making use of the experience and know-how it has accumulated in over 10 years of service to the Italian and international financial community.

  • Corporate communications

    When a company wants itself to be better known, and to tell its own story, it needs a professional at its side. The experience and consultancy of an expert communicator is needed to create added value to the company’s reputation and image when talking to international or domestic stakeholders and dialoguing with the company’s reference geography.

  • Product communications

    These days a product, any product, is faced with aggressive competitors who have no hesitation in using marketing techniques of the strongest and most creative sort. Communications is one of these. Relying on a specialist who can plan strategies and implement them in accordance with the company’s plans is necessary, and helps the product achieve the success that it deserves.

  • Sports communications

    Whether in relation to a sport-related product, a company, a team or an athlete, Community communicates with energy and passion. The same passion for success that inspires our clients each day also inspires us to stand shoulder to shoulder with them as they strive to achieve excellence.

  • Political communications

    Political communications are a difficult craft, made up of strategical abilities, an understanding of unspoken contexts and situations, rapidity in the conception and execution of plans and tactics, and long term vision. These are all characteristics of a company that since its founding is well versed in providing communications for politicians, captains of industry and senior executives.

  • Communications for the financial services industry

    Whether dealing with an investment bank, a financial services company, an insurance broker or a family office organisation, the multiple communications requirements demand a partner with experience and excellent media connections. Analytical knowledge and a nose for what makes news are abilities that are essential to help our clients pursue true differentiation from their competitors. Because the market is ever more challenging, the competitive threat ever stronger.

  • Crisis communications and litigation PR

    In the lifetime of a company or an institution, negative events can occur. And in every circumstance there are always three questions that company stakeholders ask: what happened? How has it been resolved? What has been done to avoid it happening again? The impact on the post-crisis reputation of the organisation depends on the method and timeliness with which these three questions are answered. For this reason it is necessary to rely from the very beginning on a company with the skills to handle complicated crisis situations. Community’s experience in handling some of the worst crisis events this country has experienced in the last decade is helpful.

  • Training

    Community Training provides tools and skills to allow the potential of communications to be adequately managed.

    Focused training programmes are offered to senior company management to meet their strategic communications requirements and to industry professionals to provide them with communications tools for use in their organisations.

  • Partnership activities
    • Image and brand identity

      A properly developed brand identity –summarised in the trademark/logo– is the foundation stone of all communications projects, above all in relation to the complex and synergic media ecosystem –the web, social networks, mobile apps, digital signage, advertising, etc.– that nowadays, if properly exploited, allows the various targets of the message to be reached effectively. Community guarantees its clients the highest level of professionalism both in the strategic analysis of brand identity recreation or restyling and in its practical aspects (art direction and copywriting).

    • Advertising

      There is more to advertising than just commercial spots for the mass market. Sometimes an integrated communications process needs a high-impact and concise message to strengthen brand awareness, or to launch a product or service. Community, thanks to its partnership with Develon, can make available to its clients a team of graphic artists, designers and copywriters of the highest professional level in order to develop above the line and below the line campaigns.

    • Web communications

      An intense web marketing effort is indispensable to best exploit the competitive online scene and the visibility opportunities that search engines and social networks can offer. This starts from a very detailed made-to-measure analysis, which gives rise to a series of ongoing activities directed towards creating a network that involves and captures users (promoting a growth in brand awareness, loyalty and lead generation) plus generating and increasing traffic from search engines. Community, through its partnership with Develon, can guarantee its clients state of the art analysis, planning and management of web-related communications initiatives.

    • Events

      Conventions, exhibitions, forums, press conferences, private views. There are multiple types of events through which the company may come into contact with the general public, the trade or the press, and these opportunities are often one-offs. Community, through its partnership network, can offer a whole range of optimal solutions for organising and managing any type of event.

  • Charities

    In addition to activities undertaken for sme's, entrepreneurs, local and international groups, Community has developed an array of startegic consultancy projects aimed at supporting nonprofit organizations highly committed to local communities.